Moblan Lithium mine project by Lithium Guo Ao Ltée

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The project involves the exploitation of a spodumene deposit from an open pit over a 12-year period. It also provides for the operation of a spodumene concentrator with a daily ore supply capacity of 2,600 tonnes. A camp to accommodate about 200 workers will be built on land adjoining the mine site. The project’s infrastructures will be supplied with electricity from the Hydro-Québec grid by a new 25-kV supply line built and operated by Lithium Guo Ao.

Construction work at the mine site is scheduled to begin in 2020, with commissioning in 2021.

Details on location

The Moblan Lithium mine project is located about 80 km from the community of Mistissini and about 130 km from the city of Chibougamau. The project site is located south of Route du Nord at km 114. The deposit is on Category III lands.


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