Extension of Route 167-Nord towards the Otish Mountains

Step in the procedure

Certificate of authorization issued in December 2011.

On December 14, 2012, the certificate of authorization was split into two parts. The MTQ continues to hold the authorization for kilometres 0-143, while Stornoway Diamonds (Canada) now holds the certificate for the portion of road extending between km 143 and km 250. Each of these entities must comply with the conditions attached to their respective certificates of authorization.

Information on the projet


Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ)

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Project summary

The project from the Ministère des Transports involves the construction of a permanent multi-use road to make the territory and its resources accessible to everyone. The road will also structure the road network in this part of the province. The project is therefore part of the Plan Nord and the Stratégie de Transport du Nord-du-Québec (transportation strategy for Northern Quebec). The public road will consist of two roadways. The average cleared width and the track width will be 35 m and 10 m respectively. Parking areas are planned, which were determined in consultations with the tallymen during the impact study. The extension of Route 167-Nord will be maintained throughout the year. Construction should be complete by the fall of 2014.

Details on location

This road project starts at the end of Route 167-Nord, at kilometre 411, in the Lakes Albanel-Mistissini-and-Waconichi wildlife reserve. The original project was to reach as far as the Renard diamond mine property about 243 kilometres to the north, but for administrative reasons, the department of transport’s road ends at kilometre 143, a little to the north of Matoush Camp.


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