The proponent submits the impact assessment statement to the Administrator, who forwards it to the Review Committee. The Review Committee analyzes every project that must undergo the social environmental assessment and review procedure, calling on the relevant expertise from various Quebec government departments and agencies as well as from the government of the Cree Nation.

In the course of its analysis, the Review Committee may recommend that the Administrator forward questions or comments to the project proponent, or that he ask the proponent to undertake further research or additional studies. The documents reviewed by COMEX are made available to the public on the Committee’s website and in MELCC’s environmental assessment register, except for documents or information deemed confidential.

During this step in the procedure, the public is given the opportunity to make submissions to the Committee; the Review Committee may also hold public hearings or other forms of consultation. This public participation enables the Review Committee to gauge the concerns of the people in the territory, and to benefit from the traditional knowledge of the aboriginal communities.

When it has finished its review, the Committee recommends whether or not the project should be authorized, and if necessary, determines the conditions that will apply. The Review Committee can also specify any modifications or additional measures it considers necessary.