Construction of forest access roads ” H section West ” and ” I “

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Certificate of authorization issued on April 28, 2016

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Matériaux Blanchet Inc.

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Project summary

The company Matériaux Blanchet Inc. planned to build a pair of major access roads over a total distance of about 126 km in the km 105 sector of the Route de la Baie-James (Route 109) and Lake Quénonisca. These two forest roads are located on Category III lands.

Following the public hearings held on the territory and the COMEX review of the project, on April 28, 2016, Matériaux Blanchet inc. obtained a certificate of authorization by the MDDELCC for the following works:

  • Construction of the “H section ouest” forest road
  • Rehabilitation of the “I” forest road and its extension

In addition to any amendments to the certificate of authorization provided for by the latter, the certificate of authorization submits the promoter to conditions for which follow-ups are required.

Details on location

The main axis, major access road “I,” about 88 km long, begins near km 5 of forest road N-823 (also called chemin km 105), passes to the south of Lake Salamander, along the west side of Lake Quénonisca and goes to the south shore of the Broadback River, about 3 km to the east of the Salamander River’s mouth. The first 21 kilometers of this major access road borrow a network of secondary access roads that will require upgrading, while the north section of road will have to be built. Major access road H, West section, with a total length of 38 km to be built, starts from about km 21 on major access road I and goes to the south shore of the Broadback River about 1 km west of the mouth of the Salamander River.


Preliminary information

Environmental and social impact assessment

Public hearings

Public participation - Reports submitted during the public hearing

Public participation - sound recordings

Documents produced by the COMEX

Documents produced by the MELCC

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