Project to increase untreated peels storage capacity for the Chapais Énergie cogeneration plant

Step in the procedure

Amendment of the certificate of authorization issued on April 26, 2019

Information on the projet


Chapais Énergie

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Project summary

The objective of this application to amend the certificate of authorization is to adjust the project to the operational reality of the company, particularly in terms of the storage needs of the peels that constitutes the majority of the woody material to be burned. The need for storing wood is explained by the fact that sawmills are not equipped to store these materials themselves and, secondly, that the supply is irregular and variable.

Details on location

Chapais Énergie operates its cogeneration plant on the territory of the Town of Chapais, one of the towns enclosed by the Municipality of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James, in the Nord-de-Québec administrative region.


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