Whabouchi mining project: Amendments to certificate of authorization

Step in the procedure

Certificate of authorization issued on September 8, 2015

For more information on the environmental and social impact assessment for this project, please visit : https://comexqc.ca/en/fiches-de-projet/projet-whabouchi-developpement-exploitation-dun-gisement-spodumene-territoire-baie-james/.

Information on the projet


Nemaska Lithium Whabouchi Mine inc.

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Project summary

Since the authorization of the project, requests for modification of the certificate of authorization have been issued or are being analyzed :

  • Amendment of July 27 2016 (MODCA1) : Training and statement of condition
  • Amendment of May 26 2017 (MODCA2) : Atmospheric modeling
  • Amendment of May 31 2017 (MODCA3) : Exploitation of three borrow pits (BB-05, BB-06 and BB-07) of less than three hectares
  • Amendment of April 26 2018 (MODCA4) : Relocation of the final effluent
  • Amendment of May 29 2018 (MODCA5) : Modification of the holder
  • Amendment of November 19, 2018 (MODCA6) : Waste management during the operation phase
  • Amendment of December 20, 2018 (MODCA7) : Relocation of the temporary construction camp on the mine site
  • Amendment ongoing analysis (MODCA8) : Wetland compensation plan
  • Amendment ongoing analysis (MODCA9) : Optimization of mining operation during operation phase
  • Amendment of May 29, 2019 (MODCA9A) : Complement for sanitary wastewater treatment system including surface discharge

For more information on this project, please visit: http://www.nemaskalithium.com/fr/developpement-responsable/documents-et-liens/.

Details on location

The Whabouchi mining project is located 30 km east of the Cree community of Nemaska ​​and 280 km north of the municipality of Chibougamau. It is located on the territory of the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government and is accessible via the Route du Nord.


Amendment of the certificate of authorization

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