Extension of forest road L209-Nord

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Project summary

Forestry company Barrette-Chapais Ltd. wishes to construct a 96 km nonstandard logging road to reach the northwest area of its TSFMA (timber supply and forest management agreement). The expected useful life of the new road is at least 15 years.

Details on location

This road will connect the current road from the Chibougamau River ramp to the northernmost part of forest management unit (FMU) 02665, following for most of its length the track of an old road that was built when power line L7081-7082 to the Albanel substation was installed.

The main and alternate routes pass through the M47A, O52, O53, W10, W10A, W12 and W22 trapping areas. The forest road’s route passes mostly through Category I lands, and ends in the Category II lands of Waswanipi (the northwest end of the road).


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