161 kV BlackRock Metals mining property electricity service project BlackRock inc.

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Certificate of authorization issued on April 11, 2014.

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Project summary

The purpose of this project is to meet the energy needs of BlackRock Metals Inc mining installations. The proponent plans to construct a power line of 27 km in length. It will connect the substation at the BlackRock Metals mine property, located east of Lake Chibougamau, tapping off the existing power line (circuit 1627) that now connects the Chibougamau substation to the Chapais and Obatogamau substations. The project also includes the dismantling of a section of this line between the tap-off of the proposed line and the Obatogamau substation.

The proposed line will carry a single circuit. Its route has been optimized to take into account the results of consultations with the Jamesian and Cree communities and the mine company, and with consideration for the technical, economic and environmental studies. It will be supported by 56 guyed metal-trellis towers, 49 suspension towers and 7 dead-end towers, with an average span of 485 m. The line will be 80 m wide and the normal cleared right of way width will be 48 m, but could go as wide as 80 m under the higher terminal pylons. To dismantle the existing line segment, 75 wooden pylons will be removed for a distance of about 13 km.

Details on location

The total project (new power line and dismantling of a line) is located in the extreme southeast of the Nord-du-Québec administrative region, south of Lake Chibougamau, on public lands. It is entirely located on Category III lands in the territory governed by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.


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