Processing of gold ore from the Barry and Moroy projects at the Bachelor site and increase in the miling rate

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Project summary

The project aims to process Barry and Moroy ores at the Bachelor complex over a 10-year period, at a maximum rate of 2 400 tons/day. The main elements of the project are the following :

  • Develop the Moroy deposit, located approximately 600 meters south of the Bachelor mine and forming part of the Bachelor site, using the surface and underground facilities of the Bachelor site
  • Triple the capacity of the ore processing plant at the Bachelor site, mainly by replacing some of the existing equipment with more modern and efficient equipment
  • Improve the conditions of the existing Barry-Bachelor transportation road and build a new access of approximately 1,2 km south of the Bachelor complex to reach to existing road
  • Transport the ore from the Barry site to the Bachelor site for milling, using the transportation road
  • Expand the Bachelor complex to accommodate new ore piles from the Barry site and allow for better distribution of storage
  • Expand the Bachelor tailings ponds to contains 8 millions of tons of tailings generated by the mining of ore from the Barry and Bachelor sites

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Details on location

The processing of the gold ore from the Barry and Moroy projects is located approximately 90 km east of Lebel-sur-Quévillon and 65 km southeast of Desmaraisville. It is connected to the Bachelor site by an existing transportation road totaling around 110 km. The property is located on Category III lands.


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