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Amendment of the global certificate of authorization issued on April 11, 2019

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Métaux BlackRock inc.

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Project summary

Métaux BlackRock inc. plans to mine a deposit for the production of a concentrate of iron-vanadium ore located in the Lac Doré geological complex in the municipality of Chibougamau.

This project was authorized by a global certificate of authorization issued on December 6, 2013 comprising 29 conditions. Since then, the project has undergone many changes that involve modification requests to the certificate of authorization.

The main changes proposed and currently under review by the COMEX are:

  • The mine’s originally planned mine life of 13 years will be extended to 43 years;
  • The expected average daily mining rate at 32,000 t of ore will be reduced to 8,400 t;
  • Fine and coarse tailings will be placed in the same tailings pond instead of being placed in separate tailings ponds;
  • The treatment capacity of the industrial water treatment plant will be 30,000 m3 / day;
  • Denis Lake will no longer be used as a process water basin. The process water will instead be transported directly from the polishing pond to the mine water treatment plant;
  • The concentrate will be transported by truck or by railway;
  • The 500-person construction camp will no longer be built.

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Details on location

The project is located in the municipality of Chibougamau, about 30 km to the southeast of Chibougamau and about 6 km to the east of Lake Chibougamau. By road, the mine project is about 60 km southeast of Chibougamau, about 80 km east of Chapais and a hundred km from Oujé-Bougoumou. It is located on trapline O-59.


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Amendment of the global certificate of authorization

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