Gasification Plant Project for the Community of Waskaganish

Step in the procedure

Directive sent to the promoter by the regional Administrator on December 11, 2013.

Information on the projet


First Nation of Waskaganish

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Project summary

The Cree Nation of Waskaganish (CNW) is proposing to construct a gasification plant in order to incinerate waste using a batch combustion technology. The plant would be able to incinerate waste at the rate of 10 tones/day. The ash from the gasification plant will be hauled to the existing landfill for burial. The CNW also proposes to develop and reshape this landfill to receive the ash (5 ha vertical expansion).

Details on location

The gasification plant would be located near a substation along the Waskaganish permanent road, at approximately 1.3 km from the village.


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